Thoughts On: “The Gig Economy Should Work Fairly for Everyone”

Laurie Berglie

By: Laurie Berglie

gig e·con·o·my

- noun: gig economy; plural noun: gig economies

- a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.

“The platform economy is attractive for both employers and employees; it gives employers the freedom to hire highly skilled, qualified individuals on a contingent or ‘as needs’ basis, offering greater control over both resources and budget. It also gives the workforce the freedom and flexibility they desire, allowing them to fit their work around their lives and other personal commitments. Choice is a good thing in life and some might say that today’s technology has a hand in democratizing entrepreneurial opportunity. However, the platform economy is currently fragmented and there is a fine line between freedom and insecurity. Laying down new rules and ensuring that they are adhered to will be a challenge.”

As a global provider of workforce management solutions, HireGenics is a strong supporter of the gig economy and also believes it “should work fairly for everyone,” as Julia Kermode states.

In addition to Employer of Record Services, Agent of Record Services, and Curated Talent Clouds, HireGenics also provides automated payroll services to ensure compliance, MSP services to optimize the contingent labor process, and procurement strategies that effectively manage deliverable-based projects or services spend. We also specialize in independent contractor and small supplier (or non-preferred vendor) compliance, management, and strategy services.

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