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  • Liz King

    Creative Ways to Advance Your Career This Summer

    Summer is here, and it is one of the best times to improve upon yourself and possibly advance your career. There are a variety of avenues, in which a person can do so. Options include independent training, becoming involved in company events, and learning a new language. Managers appreciate an

  • Mark Zisholtz

    California Environmental Protection Agency’s Classification Requirements Require an Investment in Your Business

    By: Mark Zisholtz

    Edited by: Brandon Pavley

    This commentary is in reference to content found on the California Environmental Protection Agency’s website. Please visit their site for more information.

    Unfortunately, we commonly see misclassified independent contractors who

  • Brandon Pavley

    Independent Contractor Compliance: Why Is It So Complicated?

    By: Brandon Pavley

    Edited by: Mark Zisholtz

    The Problem

    By statute or rule, all workers default to the classification of “employee.” If you want to be an independent contractor (“IC”) , that means you face an uphill climb. Taxing agencies earn more revenue

  • Steve Kusnit and Liz King

    Implementation Methodology and Best Practices

    By: Steve Kusnit and Liz King

    Edited by: Mark Zisholtz

    Typically, implementation is the key first step following the close of a deal where the selling organization has the opportunity to demonstrate its competence and make the buyer feel confident in their vendor decision. Hence,

  • Karen Kelley and Brandon Kahele

    Payroll Services Best Practices

    By: Karen Kelley and Brandon Kahele

    Introduction from Mark Zisholtz:

    It is difficult to overstate the importance of a seasoned, hands-on team of professionals to manage a large payrolling program. Currently, HireGenics manages more than 35 payrolling accounts with