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  • Liz King

    Creative Ways to Advance Your Career This Summer

    Summer is here, and it is one of the best times to improve upon yourself and possibly advance your career. There are a variety of avenues, in which a person can do so. Options include independent training, becoming involved in company events, and learning a new language. Managers appreciate an

  • Liz King

    Why Effective Workplace Communication is So Crucial

    Assumption is the mother of all failures. A great deal of people would rather presume and assume what another individual is thinking, as opposed to asking the individual directly. Communication can alleviate assumptions and provide clarity on direction. Marriages fail because of lack of

  • Brandon Pavley

    1099/Independent Contractor Misclassification: The Development and Rise of the Department of Labor’s “Economic Realities Test”

    By: Brandon Pavley, Legal Counsel and Compliance Associate


    In a contingent workforce arena, the proper classification of a worker as an “employee” or an “independent contractor” (“IC”) is critical for purposes of determining whether various employment

  • Mark Zisholtz

    Managing “Joint Employment” or “Co-Employment” Risk

    By: Mark Zisholtz


    “Joint employment” means that a worker is employed by two or more employers at the same time. Stated differently, if two independently operating entities jointly exercise enough of the attributes of an employer with respect to a

  • Jason D’Cruz

    Recent Developments in Independent Contractor Compliance under California Law

    By: Jason D’Cruz, Partner at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP and Shama Barday, Associate at Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

    California is known for its hostility towards classifying workers as independent contractors. Two recent developments reinforced this reputation and increase the