Why HireGenics

Increased employee costs and stringent compliance standards force you to think beyond the realm of traditional workforce management practices. As companies increasingly use talented W-2s and 1099s for better business productivity, they are also exposed to greater business and legal risks in the absence of a proven compliance solution. To ensure business success, you need to proactively manage your contingent workforce to meet complex governmental compliance standards and mitigate both financial and legal risks.

Workforce Management Solutions from HireGenics are aimed at optimizing the contractor payrolling and compliance process for better workforce and risk management.

“We focus on building quality contract talent pools, optimizing workforce balance, and distributing and mitigating federal and state regulatory risks”. Leveraging our proprietary compliance technology – HGComplyTM - we streamline and document end-to-end compliance and fulfill regulatory documentation requirements to protect our clients from penalties, fines, and exposure to co-employment.

HireGenics is a pure-play payrolling (Employer of Record) and IC Compliance (Agent of Record) services provider. Our payrolling solution ensures compliance, talent pool management, and alternative workforce procurement strategies that effectively manage deliverable-based projects or services spend. Our IC compliance solutions deliver governance, risk mitigation, and compliance to enable our clients to eliminate major compliance risks associated with utilizing and managing an indirect (contingent) workforce. HireGenics also provides consulting, solution design, and delivery for both MSP and RPO solutions. We provide alternative and custom solutions focused on high quality, process-based services at a faster pace to drive out cost and accelerate time-to-value for our clients.

HireGenics has a “people first” culture and strives to hire the best talent, both in terms of recruiting for our organization or for managing our clients’ contract workforce. Our people are a differentiator in the marketplace. An experienced team sets the bar for best practices by leveraging collective backgrounds to build state-of-the-art solutions for our clients. Our program teams, operational experts, shared services, and senior leadership have extensive human capital and workforce solutions experience. HireGenics, in partnership with our clients, is able to deliver creative and innovative talent management solutions built on a foundation of proven operational excellence.

We are a Leader in the Industry with People, Processes, and Technology to Serve Your Needs

  • Creating enterprise value through de-risking and re-balancing your workforce


Technology and expertise in contractor payrollee management leads to significant cost savings

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