Employer of Record–Payrolling

Companies today look for a partner with invaluable expertise to manage and streamline payrolling and compliance for their contractor workforce population effectively and efficiently. As a pure-play payrolling and IC Compliance services provider, HireGenics is a one-stop solution for all Employer of Record needs.

Employer of Record Services from HireGenics is more robust than any other typical payroll service. Our solution incorporates a dedicated Program Management Office (PMO) led by contingent workforce industry veterans who serve as a single point of contact for each client program and end user. The PMO is managed by a Program Manager responsible for the strategic direction and program innovation. The day-to-day operations and end user engagement is supported by the program team and our corporate shared services, including HR, Legal, Payroll, Finance, and Accounting.

Our payrolling solution utilizes the PMO to provide full lifecycle management of each payrolled worker, creating a high touch, white-glove experience for end users and workers. The PMO is engaged from the initial end user request, to on-boarding and through off-boarding.

Our W-2s know they are employees of HireGenics and are part of something special. Our payrolling solution ensures that each payrolled contractor has access to:


HireGenics on-boards thousands of workers each year throughout the U.S., Canada, and 60+ countries through our sister company, CTS Global. Our capabilities are not limited by industry or labor categories.

Our clients select HireGenics because we understand the importance and value of the payroll population, and our clients echo our thoughts. The payrolled individuals are typically alumni, retirees, former executives, or known/referred by internal employees. They are an extremely valuable talent channel to our clients and possess more subject matter expertise than traditional staffing firm recruited resources can provide.

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    Full lifecycle management of payrollee population, creating a high touch, white-glove experience for end users and workers


Technology and expertise in contractor payrollee management leads to significant cost savings

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