Direct Sourcing Solution

The HireGenics Direct Sourcing Solution is a designed as a private, client branded talent community with known individuals who have experience working with your organization and your industry in general. The community of known and work-ready talent resources include: former contractors, retirees, company alumni, past independent contractors, payrolled contractors, and brand attracted candidates from our client’s career page. Our solution combines curation services with leading direct sourcing technology that allows you to manage, engage, and deploy with these key talent resources more efficiently with better results, and significantly lower cost (typically 10%-15% lower) than utilizing traditional staffing suppliers. The technology in combination with a curation team provides the necessary automation and service to effectively access vetted and experienced contractors directly in the marketplace.

Our Direct Sourcing Solution combines people, process, and technology to help our clients leverage their brand and promote greater access to contract talent already known to their organization. The Hiregenics Direct Sourcing solution is built and maintained in tandem with our clients, utilizing our technology partnership with several leading Direct Sourcing technology partners, coupled with the curation of the talent by the HireGenics program team.

If you would like to learn more about how Direct Sourcing can help deliver higher quality, lower cost talent within your contingent workforce program please contact us for an overview and technology demo.

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