Agent of Record

Agent of Record Services from HireGenics deliver full lifecycle administrative management of Independent Contractors (ICs) and Corp-to-Corp engagements. Our solutions include:

  • Full IC vetting for compliance with federal and state law
  • Consolidated billing to customer and payment of invoiced amounts to ICs
  • Contract and document management
  • Reporting and tracking of the IC population
  • Dispute resolution
  • Imposition of client flow-down requirements (such as drug screening and background checks)
  • Other best practices that may be necessary, depending on the type of IC

Best-in-class IC compliance and management from HireGenics provides a full administrative, risk mitigated IC management solution. Our IC compliance solution utilizes the PMO to provide full lifecycle management of each payrolled worker, creating a high touch, white-glove experience for end users and ICs. The IC solution oversees the full lifecycle of a contractor’s engagement, from on-boarding through off-boarding.


Additionally, our compliance and vetting process is flexible and can be applied to any IC in any industry, in any part of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our compliance track record is nothing short of stellar – to date, HireGenics has successfully passed all audits on all vetted and qualified ICs, with no IC determined as misclassified by any court or governmental investigator.

  • Overall company risk assessment
  • Proprietary rapid IC risk assessment
  • Small supplier risk evaluation template
  • Data mining plan to locate existing ICs and small suppliers
  • Aggregation of data to identify systemic issues
  • Monitoring of all current decisions and laws
  • A unique risk profile for each test taker
HireGenics uses an automated IC compliance tool to augment a compliance process that is executed by our experienced attorneys and compliance professionals. Further, when an IC is vetted, HireGenics determines compliance with applicable laws by consulting and vetting both IC and engagement manager to establish whether a true IC relationship exists.
  • Employment law attorneys lead and manage the compliance process
  • Indemnification with an unblemished compliance record
  • Hands-on, white-glove approach that enhances IC experience, reduces workplace claims, and ultimately creates a highly positive work experience
  • Education and training on an ongoing basis at all levels, from engagement managers (hiring managers) to ICs. This is the key to any highly successful IC program, yet virtually no company can compete with HireGenics’ knowledge and training acumen
  • Direct negotiation of pay rates
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Direct-to-hire analysis (consider taking direct long-term or expected long-term contractors)

Possibly the most important critical advantage is that we work with non-compliant ICs to bring them into compliance, thus helping our clients execute on their indirect workforce strategy. We do not automatically convert non-compliant resources

  • Agent of Record

    Eliminating workforce risk through proper classification and supporting documentation


Classifying and managing IC population for a biopharmaceutical major

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"Complete risk mitigation and indemnification from government audits"

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